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Job Talk: Neuroethics faculty position candidate

Disorders of Consciousness and the Ethics of Uncertainty

L. Syd M Johnson, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Bioethics at Michigan Technological University.

East Lansing: February 4, 12-1 pm; C102 East Fee Hall
Grand Rapids: February 5, 12-1 pm; 251 Secchia

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Bioethics Brownbag & Webinar Series

Intentional Parenthood’s Promise: Redefining Legal Parentage for the 21st Century

Melanie B. Jacobs is Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs in the College of Law at Michigan State University.

12 - 1 pm; C102 East Fee Hall
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"What's Happening With Your Donated Specimen?"

A new study led by Center Director Dr. Tomlinson was published this week in The Journal of the American Medical Association, surveying concerns people may have about donating to a research biobank. You can hear more about the research from Dr. Tomlinson in this MSU Today feature.
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Murphy’s Breast: Lactation Law and Advocacy in 2014

Deborah Fisch, JD

Deborah Fisch is Senior Researcher at the Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice Program at the University of Michigan.